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Critical Inquiry

“When you don’t have something to strive for you are living in hopelessness. I never questioned why education was not pressed as important growing up. Most in my family had never gone to college, maybe never even dreamed of it. In fact, most never graduated high school. Having almost completed my Associate of Arts and Sciences degree, I find myself in constant awe of the changes education has made in my life. I no longer live a life of hopelessness because I am informed about who I truly am and my place in the larger world.” – Felicia

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Critical Inquiry

Critical Inquiry is a small group of professors and students who meet monthly to read and discuss together in the spirit of open debate and inquiry.


The rationale for the group was to provide a space to discuss the intellectual questions that animate college in prison such as power, discipline, race, gender, and pedagogy. Over the past several years, our conversations and topics have evolved and changed depending on the conversations among students and professors.


The topics have ranged from:



climate change


the idea of happiness


Some examples of the authors we’ve read are bell hooks, Sarah Ahmed, Herbert Marcuse, Elizabeth Povinelli, Ursula K. LeGuin, Walter Benjamin and Robin D.G. Kelley.