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I was surprised by how much I connected with the concepts…. It taught me and continues to teach me invaluable lessons about how my own identity and life has been impacted by society, and how as I interact with others how it impacts them. Sociology taught me that initiating change creates waves that spread in many directions. -Heidi

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Our college program offers students four quarters of college per year.

Students attend class with a professor twice a week over 11 weeks for a total of 55 class hours. We also hold three weekly study halls where undergraduate students from the University of Puget Sound and outside volunteers assist students with writing and class assignments.

Entering college for the first time can be intimidating.

We prepare our students with an introductory course designed to help students develop the organizational skills necessary for success in college. After an orientation and assessment, students are admitted as a cohort and take college preparatory courses in Math and English.

We do extensive outreach to encourage women to enroll in FEPPS college classes.


Through a monthly lecture series, film series, and Critical Inquiry, we provide opportunities for intellectual engagement for all women and staff at the prison. Student mentors, coordinated through our Advising Council and the WCCW Women’s Village, provide guidance and support to new cohorts of students.

All our professors and tutors attend a teacher training developed by FEPPS faculty.

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