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Graduation 2017 in the Seattle Times

“Today, through the FEPPS program, there are almost a hundred of us figuring out, sounding out, and spelling out what our lives can be. We have a way not just of creating our own story, but we also have access to the magic of writing over the stories that have been written for us.” – Tonya Wilson, Class of 2017 Valedictorian

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Graduation 2017 in the Seattle Times



2017 Graduates


On June 13th, 2017, we saw 19 of our students receive their diplomas during the second FEPPS graduation at the Washington Corrections Center for Women. With a number of moving speeches, including those from Keynote Speaker Cheryl Wilkins from the Center for Justice at Columbia University and from Class of 2017 Valedictorian Tonya Wilson, the 2017 Graduation was a beautiful, emotional, and joyous event. We are excited to see more of our students graduate with their Associates degrees in the future, and we are extremely proud of our recent graduates.

Thank you to DOC staff; the Women’s Village, FEPPS’ Advisory Council, and FEPPS’ Board of Directors; Tacoma Community College; our Academic Partners and Donors; FEPPS’ faculty and volunteers for believing in our students and working to ensure that incarcerated women have the opportunity to earn a college degree.

We were so fortunate to have Katherine Long from the Seattle Times attend graduation and publish a beautiful story about the event, which you can find here.


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