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Winter Lecture Series

An Update on our Winter Lecture Series at WCCW

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Winter Lecture Series

We have been fortunate enough to sponsor a Lecture Series within WCCW open to all of its residents and staff. The Lecture Series is a volunteer run program with lectures given every second Wednesday of the month at Washington Correctional Center for Women, coordinated by University of Puget Sound Professor Priti Joshi. We are half way through this series on A Changing World: The Effects on Humans, Animals, and Our Environment and would love to update you on the lectures that have been given thus far, as well as fill you in on the two to come in March and April.

Being that these lectures are given by scholars in the community, this is also a great volunteer opportunity! If you are a professor or instructor, a writer or editor, a doctor, a business professional etc. and are interested in giving a lecture, we’d love to hear from you!

The first lecture in our Winter Series was given by a Professor of Biology at the University of Puget Sound, Joel Elliott. His talk, given in early January was titled “Wasting Away in a Warming World: The Effects of Sea Star Wasting Disease on Communities in Puget Sound” an intriguing discussion on the effects of the warming climate in the Pacific Northwest’s own backyard.

The subsequent talk, given by Associate Professor of Biology at UPS, was on “The Biology of Cancer” by Leslie Saucedo. In her lecture, she moved the audience through the history of the disease into developments in identifying interventions. With an emphasis on personalized treatments, her engaging lecture drew a crowd of just about 65 people, all of whom left with much to think about!

We are so grateful for the phenomenal volunteers in our communities coming to share their knowledge and expertise. There are two lectures left in this series before moving on to the next series centered on the idea of Civic Engagement. As mentioned, the remaining two lectures of the Winter Series are to be given in March and April. The Lecture in March will be done by Peter Hodum, an Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Puget Sound, presenting a talk titled “Plastic: It’s What’s for Breakfast”. Followed by “Ecofeminism and Toxic Chemicals in the Environment”, a lecture by Frances Solomon, an instructor at Evergreen State College.

We will be sure to update you with a recap of these two lectures as well as provide more details about the following series!

The Contact Form is available here if you are interested in giving a lecture in a future Lecture Series, as previously stated, we would love to hear from you!

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